What Is Club?!

Club is what YL refers to as the hour of zany and unpredictable fun designed with you in mind... a comfortable place for you and your friends... generally on a weekly basis.
We've tried hard to take the word "club" out of our vocabulary because it denotes that we're doing something that is only for those in the "club", and that's not out goal. Our goal is to do things that are made for all of JHS, not just a few kids. The result, we just call it Young Life. So, whenever you hear that Young Life is putting something on, just show up because it's going to rock (and if it doesn't... there's sure to be food... which is always a win)

What Happens at Young Life on Monday Night?

Monday nights at 7:29pm we're at a home in the Juanita Community. We play some games, have some fun, and hear a message from one of our YL Leaders. It's chill, it's fun... everyone at JHS is welcome... and we always end by heading to Dairy Queen for some tasty treats.​​​​​ If you need specifics for an upcoming club, check out our Facebook Page or get in touch with a leader (contact info at the right).

Young Life Northlake | 16625 Redmond Way Ste MPMB #186 Redmond, WA 98052-4499

Phone: (661) 678-3205

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