HIGH SCHOOL: Monday Nights @ 7:29 pm
Upcoming Clubs: 
Monday 2/4- All Eastside Super Club at Sambica
Monday 2/11- First Juanita Club of 2019
Monday 2/25- TBD
Monday 3/11- TBD
Monday 3/25- TBD
Monday 4/15- TBD
Monday 4/29- TBD
Monday 5/13- TBD 
Monday 6/3- TBD
(Check out our page to stay up to date with Club info:
JHS Young Life)​

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Every other Friday @ 7:00 pm
Upcoming Clubs: 
Friday 2/1- Frost Elementary
Friday 2/15- TBD
Friday 3/1- TBD
Friday 3/15- Wyldelife Late Nighter! 
Friday 3/29- Juanita Elementary 
Friday 4/19- Juanita Elementary
Friday 5/3- Juanita Elementary
Friday 5/17- Juanita Elementary
Friday 6/1- TBD
(Check out our page to stay up to date with Club info​: Juanita Wyldlife Club)



PARTY WITH A PURPOSE!!! Young Life is not a school club or a youth group, nor is it a place. Young Life exists because there are adults in our community who love Jesus and care about Jr High and High School kids. We don't care about throwing our thoughts and opinions on kids... we do, however, care about showing kids that there is fun to be had and there is a God who loves them. Club, Camp, Campaigners are places designed with this care and Jr High and High School kids in mind. 
Juanita High YL Club & Campaigners
Finn Hill Jr High & Kamiakin Jr High YL Club (WyldLife)
Juanita Summer Camp


Registration Time for Camp is here!  

What is Young Life?
Young Life gives you plenty of opportunities to have an amazing time with your friends at club, Campaigners and camp. You will also get to know some pretty cool adults who care about you. With Young Life leaders, you and your friends can enjoy being teenagers and experience what life is all about.​
Young Life in our Community


Young Life Northlake | 16625 Redmond Way Ste MPMB #186 Redmond, WA 98052-4499

Phone: (425) 260-6674

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